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New Prince Album - Plectrum Electrum

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Prince, Plectrum Electrum

Plectrum Electrum

Kobalt Music Group / NPG Records
Running Time: TBC
Format: Vinyl & CD
New Prince album, featuring 3rdEyeGirl.

Prince: Fallinlove2nite


Epic Records
Running Time: 3:19
Format: MP3

Prince: Pretzelbodylogic


NPG Records
Running Time: 3:28
Format: MP3

Latest releases

Most recent downloads from that so far include Groovy Potential and live versions such as Something In The Water (Does Not Compute). Ongoing releases ahead of the new Prince album Plectrum Electrum.

Prince: Da Bourgeoisie

Da Bourgeoisie

NPG Records
Running Time: 3:23
Format: WAV