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Prince, Nile Rodgers & Janelle Monae

Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, LA

Next Prince album & release

The excitement over the extended hit n' run tour and his headlining of the upcoming Essence Festival, are all to coincide with the release of Prince's new albums, Plectrum Electrum and the Warner Brother's Purple Rain Deluxe Edition. Cause for much frenzied chatter among the Prince fan community. All the latest news in this run up to the release of the new album will be put here. We await with faith, its eventual release.

Expect more updates and goodies and videos from gearing up to the release of Plectrum Electrum.

Prince tour 2014

Discover more about Prince's 3rd Eye Girl tour of London's iconic venues; kicking off with a show in London's Electric Ballroom in the early hours of 4th of February. All news of the London and the subsequent shows in LA are detailed on a special Prince 2014 tour page.

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Step back in time through the complete Prince discography with full track listings and every commercially released single.

Official websites section detailing every audio download ever released by Prince, most notably from his pioneering NPG Music Club, up to an including his latest website.

Charting the success of every hit single and award won, and scroll through the books written about Prince and his movies and videos.

The Databank has it all.

Prince biography & album reviews

Who is Prince? Read about his life in Goldie's very own three part biography, including that infamous dispute with Warner Brothers, and his surprise Musicology commercial comeback. Plus every Prince album reviewed.

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